Wheel Stud Service Kit

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Features and Benefits:

  • Installation done by pushing on the head, eliminating the need for threaded adapters: reduces number of adapters required, reduces damage to studs, and increases ease of use
  • Remove and install 10 studs in only 10-15 minutes (compare to 20-30 minutes for more expensive competitive products)
  • Can be powered with an impact wrench, no hydraulic power source required
  • No need to remove hub from vehicle
  • Reduces risk of damage to hubs, studs, and bearings when using tool
  • The Wheel Stud Service Kit is an innovative mechanical service tool that removes and installs wheel studs by pushing on the head of the stud, eliminating the need for threaded adapters. This reduces the number of adapters required, minimizes the risk of damage to studs, and increases the ease of use for technicians.Weighs only 12 lbs., assembled to remove studs and 14 lbs., assembled to install studs. Works on most hubs for installation and removal.Includes: large C-frame with forcing screw, one set of installation adapters, two separate adapters for removal, extension adapter for increasing the range of travel, blow-molded storage case, and power thread lubrication.

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