Kukko W-3188 Uranos Engine Tilting Hoist - 500 mm

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  • Universally applicable for directing the incline during removal and mounting of all types of engines.
  • With self-locking worm gear and 3-point suspension
  • MPN #W-3188
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Technical attribute



Chain length

1245 mm

Balanced chain length

500 mm

Chain length of Y-cable

345 mm

Load-bearing capacity

500 kg


11.85 kg

Product Data Sheet



  • If necessary, shackles, etc. with the required load-bearing capacity may be used as a means of connection.

  • The hand chain can be operated in all angular positions without impairment.

  • The desired incline is securely held by the built-in, self-locking worm gear as soon as the operation of the hand chain stops.

  • The large gear ratio of the worm gear, with maximum efficiency, guarantees expeditious handling in all situations.

  • A detailed instruction manual is included with each engine conductor.



  • Engine conductors

  • Engine assembling and dissambling

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