Kukko 70-022-S 4 Wide Replacement Jaws With Rings (Blue) 6 3/16 inch (156 mm)

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  • To remove grooved ball bearings without causing damage and without having to dismantle the shaft.
  • Pulling jaws specifically developed for precise mounting in bearing tracks for optimal support and better extension force.
  • Pulling jaws made of two parts. Dowel pin is hammered into the upper end of the jaw.
  • The proven KUKKO claw in a newly developed, modern jaw design.
  • The two pulling jaw versions are color-coded for easier distinction.
  • The pulling jaws are tempered for a long service life.
  • MPN #: 70-022-S
  • Shipping Disclaimer : If the product has to ship directly from the manufacturer it may take 5-7 business days.


Technical attribute



Ball bearing ISO

6014-6020; 6207-6209; 6212; 6305; 6308-6311; 6403-6408 6014-6020; 6207-6209; 6212; 6305; 6308-6311; 6403-6408

Number of Jaws

4 4

K-70 jaw length

156 mm 6 3/16 inch

Number of rings

7 St. / pcs. 7 St. / pcs.


1.16 kg


Product Data Sheet



  • Simple mounting of the pulling jaws with 90° rotation in the cross-beam.

  • Only two pulling jaw types required.

  • Machined, lateral jaw surfaces ensure optimal jaw alignment with the cross-beam.

  • Secure, form-fitting connection of the pulling jaws with the cross-beam.

KUKKO quality standards

  • Quality made in Germany.

  • Strong design, high performance and long service life.

  • Self-healing corrosion protection KUKKoating for galvanized parts (WITHOUT chrom VI).

  • Safety label to ensure protection of intellectual property.

  • A tube of KUKKO special grease included for pressure spindle.

  • Product video on the product can be opened.


  • Ball bearing removal

  • Removing

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