Kukko 17-B Bearing Separator-Set with Quick Clamping Pressure Spindle 7/8 - 4 1/2 inch (22 - 115 mm)

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Set Contents:
  • Kukko 17-2 Separator with quick clamping pressure spindle
  • Kukko 18-2 Pulling device
  • Kukko 19-2-P 2 extensions for pulling devices (pair)
  • For removing ball bearings, roller bearings, inner races and other tight parts if there is not enough space to use pulling hooks, with quick-clamping pressure spindle.
  • 4-parts, the sets contain one separator, one pulling device and a pair of extensions With quick-clamping pressure spindle
  • The sharp blades enable flush parts to be removed where pulling jaws cannot be used.
  • The wedge-shaped separator jaws are secured underneath the component to be removed.
  • The large supporting surfaces protect the parts to be pulled.
  • For use with series 18
  • MPN#: 17-B
  • Shipping Disclaimer: If the product has to ship directly from the manufacturer it may take 5-7 business days.
  • Technical attribute



    Diameter of the shaft

    25 - 155 mm

    7/8 - 4 1/2 inch

    Distance of side screw

    60 - 200 mm 2 3/8 - 7 7/8 inch

    Depth of side screw

    125 - 350 mm 4 7/8 - 13 3/4 inch


    10.395 kg

    Product Data Sheet


  • Easy to use, as the separator jaws are quickly and centrally tensioned with just one pressure spindle.
  • Ultimate stability when removing, as the separator and pulling device are screwed firmly together.
  • Almost all components are available as replacement parts, a time-saving order process thanks to the numbering system.
  • Kit in the tried-and-tested KUKKO-i-Boxx-System.

    Kukko Quality Standards

  • Quality made in Germany.
  • Strong design, high performance and long service life.
  • Self-healing corrosion protection KUKKoating for galvanized parts (WITHOUT chrom VI).
  • Safety label to ensure protection of intellectual property.
  • A tube of KUKKO special grease included for pressure spindle.

  • Separators
  • Set

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