Kukko 12-6 Universal 3-Jaw Alligator Puller with Pre-Settable Jaws 17 3/4 inch (450 mm)

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  • For removing bearings, gears, discs, etc.
  • The pulling jaws are fastened with screws and easy to replace.
  • Standard pulling hook.
  • Moving and slipping is prevented by self lock.
  • The pulling jaws are connected via noses to the inner ring in the cross-beam.
  • The three-arm design ensures that the load is distributed evenly and that the part to be removed is held securely.
  • Mechanical pressure screw.
  • Milled thread treated with special coating.
  • MPN #: 12-6
  • Shipping Discl4imer : If the product has to ship directly from the manufacturer it may take 5-7 business days.

Technical attribute



Spread 450 mm 17 3/4 inch
Depth 300 mm 11 7/8 inch
Hexagon drive (male) 36 mm
Maximum load 15 t 16.5 US t
Maximum torque 280 Nm 206.5 ft lb
Weight 32.5 kg
Space below 20 mm 3/4 inch
Space next to it 70 mm 2 3/4 inch
Number of jaws 3 3


Product Data Sheet


  • The Alligator conversions ensure that the pulling hooks can only be opened and closed by operating the adjustment spanner. The grip of the conversions is therefore as strong as an alligator's bite.
  • Spindle head band prevents the wrench from slipping off.
  • Almost all components available as replacement parts, time-saving order process thanks to numbering system.


KUKKO quality standards

  • Quality made in Germany.
  • Strong design, high performance and long service life.
  • Self-healing corrosion protection KUKKoating for galvanized parts (WITHOUT chrom VI).
  • Safety label to ensure protection of intellectual property.
  • A tube of KUKKO special grease included for pressure spindle.
  • Product video on the product can be opened.



  • Pullers with swiveling jaws

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