Honda Control Arm Connected Adapter Set

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Features and Benefits:

  • Easier removal of Honda Control Arm Bushings
  • Easier installation of Honda Control Arm Bushings
  • Connected adapters lock into C-frame for one-handed setup
  • Connected adapters won't fall and bounce around shop floor

  • Set of 6 connected adapters designed for easier Honda and Acura Control Arm Bushing removal and installation. Unique adapter sizes and shapes for pressing out Honda and Acura lower control arm bushings. This set works with OTC's CA7149 connected adapter starter kit, CA6630 connected adapter professional kit, or CA6636 connected adapter C-frame. Applications:2003 - 2012 Honda Accord2004 - 2014 Acura TSX2001 - 2015 Honda Civic2006 - 2011 Acura CSX2016 - 2018 Acura ILX2003 - 2011 Honda Element2001 - 2005 Honda EL2002 - 2006 Honda CRV2002 - 2006 Acura RSXIncludes:CA29503 connected adapterCA600023 Honda Control Arm Bushing Adapter-LargeCA600025 Honda Control Arm Bushing Adapter-LargeCA600027 Honda Control Arm Bushing Adapter-MediumCA600029 Honda Control Arm Bushing Adapter-MediumCA600031 Honda Control Arm Bushing Adapter-Small

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