Fertan Steel Rim Restoration Kit

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Fertan Rust Converter is the best way to remove rust from any metal surface. It's simple to use - just apply it to the rusted area and it will instantly turn it into a blackened metal that's ready for painting. It also leaves a protective zinc coating that prevents rust from coming back for up to 6 months.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Long-term, protective rust treatment for maintenance interventions on previously painted, oxidized metal parts.

Fertan Steel Rim Restoration Kit Contains:

1 x Rust Convertor -8.5 fl. oz. Spray

1 x Degreaser-1.06 Qt

1 x Multi Metal Coating Spray 19.2 fl.oz.



  • If possible, sand the loose surface rust with sandpaper or by grinding. 
  • Get rid of oil, grease, silicone and dirt. Use silicone remover if necessary.
  • Apply the FERTAN Rust Converter with a brush, roller or spray gun and let it react at room temperature (20° C / 68 °F)  for at least 24 hours. For temperatures between (5° C – 19° C / 41 °F - 66 °F) let the product react for 48 hours. A black or even blue-violet surface is formed thereafter.
  • When application is performed in direct sunlight or hot conditions damp the surface after 1-2 hours.
  • Do not use the product below 5° C / 41 °F or frost!
  • Thereafter thoroughly rinse surface with water to remove the dust.
  • Do not adapt the surface mechanically.
  • Apply coating or paint on the surface within 6 months of the application.
  • After treatment / lacquering can be done with near all commercial products. 
    • Filler, Primer (Epoxy Primer, Multi Metal Coating etc.)
    • Protective waxes (Underbody –cavity protection Wax, Rust Inhibitor etc.)
    • Stonechip Protection / EP resins


Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

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