Fertan Cavity Protection Wax Spray 16.9 fl. Oz.

FertanSKU: WS02-28220

Sale price$29.99


  • Shake well before use
  • Spray valve upside down cleanly after use. FERTAN Cavity Protection Spray wax into smaller cavities, A, B and possibly C columns, hoods and door rebates using the enclosed cavity probe in the spray can.
  • Pre-treat weld seams and sheet overlaps with PREWAX Pre-treatment Wax to permanently prevent contact corrosion. Apply wax to any new drill hole edges.
  • FERTAN cavity protection Wax does not drip. Remove any splashes with white spirit. The optimum working temperature and the temperature of the body should be at least 20°C.
  • For restorations and after-treatments, use wax only 24 hours after rust removal by FERTAN Rust Converter. Please observe the processing instructions for the rust converter.

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