Tera Pump Electric Drum Pump - TREDRUME - 20079

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• Adjustable Intake to fit various Drum Barrel Sizes
• Useful in the garage, shop, yard, farm, dock, snow or campsite
• Discharge Hose Holster: Built-in nozzle holder for a safe and convenient way of storing the discharge nozzle
• End Cap Filter: Filter-equipped intake end protects the motor from damage due to alien matters
• Big Flip Switch: Big On/Off Switch with LED light
• High Speed & Heavy Duty Electric Drum Pump
• Flow Rate of up to 4.2 Gallons per Minute or 16 Liters per Minute
• Electric AC 110V Plug-in Adapter Included
• Improved grip of drum bung adapter 60mm or 2.4-inch wide grip makes it easy to tighten up or loosen
• Length is adjustable by 15mm or 0.6 inches according to the height of the drum
• Suction Tube Standard Length: 21.75 inches to ~ 33.25 inches, Fits on 15 Gallon to 55 Gallon Drum Barrels and Suction end Outer Diameter: 1.4 inch
• Flow Control Nozzle rate of liquid can be adjusted at any moment by squeezing the Nozzle lever. Lower Level Position for Refueling/ Upper lever position for watering.
* Compatible Liquids: Gasoline, diesel, DEF (AdBlue), water, kerosene, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, mild detergents, & agricultural chemicals
* Incompatible Liquids: Hot water, concentrated acids, acetone, benzene, creosol, ethyl, drinking water, phenol, methyl ethyl, concentrated caustic soda liquid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acids, etc

Detail Overview:
* Transfers up to 4.2 Gallons per Minute with Flow Control Nozzle. Control the flow by squeezing the nozzle lever - 4-Layer (oil, flame & cold weather resistant) 80.75-inch Polyester Yarn Discharge Hose with Crimping metal sleeve

* Suitable for Gasoline, diesel, DEF (ex. AdBlue), water, kerosene, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, mild detergents, & agricultural chemicals - Equipped with a Stainless Steel Mesh End Cap Filter to prevent unwanted debris from entering the pump

* Suction Tube length of about 21.75-inch to 33.25-inch, Fits 15-Gallon (50 Liters) and up to 55 Gallon (205 Liters) Drum Barrels - Suction end Outer Diameter: 1.4-inch - Complete with built-in 2-inch Buttress adapter to 2-inch NPS bung adapter for Drum Barrels with 2-inch Openings

* Powered with included 110V AC Plug-in adapter, Operating Voltage: DC12V - Optional Power: DC Cable + Clips (Sold Separately) use with DC20V Battery or Lower - Works great with farm equipment, Industrial Vehicles, and in Automotive Shops - Quickly Empty 55 Gallon Drum Barrels

* TERA PUMP has been manufacturing reliable pumps for 10 Years and back their product with a 1-Year Warranty on Manufacturer Defects - Swivel Nut Nozzle prevents the hose from tangling with 360-degree rotation

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