Tera Pump - 5 Gallon Jug and Pump Combo - TRJ5XLR - 20161

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• Useful in the garage, shop, yard, farm, dock, snow or campsite
• Discharge Hose Holder: Built-in nozzle holder for safe and convenient way of storing the discharge nozzle
• Water-resistant Power Buttons
• Back Saving: Lifting heavy gas cans will be a thing of the past
• Flexible Discharge Hose & Intake Hose
• Patented Design & Function
• High Speed & Heavy Duty Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump
• Flow Rate of 2.3 GPM - Auto-Stop Overfill System, Flow Rate of up to 2.3 Gallons per Minute or 10.5 Liters per Minute
• Auto-Stop System to prevent fuel loss or accidental spills, Built-In Sensor will automatically stop without the need to press the off button preventing any Overflow
• Recommended to use all Four (4) AA batteries when you are able to, but it is possible to operate with Two (2) AA batteries during emergencies
• Water-Resistant Power Buttons | Hands-Free Clip
• Intake Tube: 23 inch - XL Discharge Hose 51 inch
• One (1) Racing Jug Adapter & One (1) 5 Gallon Racing Jug, Included
Compatible Liquids: Racing Fuels
Incompatible Liquids: Street legal fuels, drinkable liquids, or with thinners, solvents, hot liquid, Acetone, Benzene, Creosol, Ethyl, Phenol, Methyl ethyl, concentrated caustic soda liquid, Nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Sulfuric acid, etc.

Detail Overview:

*TRFA-01 now includes a 3 Gallon Racing Can for an all-in-one package. The Racing Jug features a comfortable handle and a vent cap for depressurization. Made with Polyethylene, you can be sure this product will last long.
* Newly designed pump head stops leaking from the pump head while transferring liquids. On and Off buttons allow you to control how much liquid is pumped, or let the Auto Stop sensor prevent the fluids from overflowing.
* Pump at a rapid pace of 2.3 Gallons Per Minute for up to 250 Gallons of liquid. Powered by four AA-size batteries (Sold Separately) or during an emergency, use two (2) AA batteries in the middle slots to conserve energy.
* Built into the nozzle is a sensor that will stop the pump automatically. Have the luxury of keeping your skin clean. Pump fuel hands-free with the 39" long hose to cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, motorcycles and more.
* Packaged in the USA, we guarantee all our products with a 1-year manufacturer warranty against factory defects such as cracks, leaks, or splitting. Comes with a closed cap for use without pump.

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