Fertan Stoneguard Protective Undercoating Set - Black

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Stoneguard protective underseal Set – Pro contains:

  • Cavity- and Underbody Protection Gun
  • 6 x Stoneguard Protective Undercoating Liquid 1.06 US qt

Stoneguard protective underseal
FERTAN bodywork and stone chip protection is a resin-based product that does not contain any bitumen or tar constituents. It forms an elastic layer that provides robust protection against stone chipping, moisture, spray and salt. In addition, it has a sound-absorbing anti-drone eff ect. FERTAN body and stone guard demonstrates good adhesion to steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium as well as polyester laminates.

Preparation of the subsoil
The surfaces must be free of silicone, grease, oil and corrosion before application. Please use the FERTAN Silicone Remover and the FERTAN Rust Converter for de-rusting. Be sure not to cover or mask areas that are not coated, such as brakes, exhaust + catalytic converter, etc.

Pretreat surfaces
Steel: Degrease and sand, if necessary, work with primer
Galvanised sheet + aluminium: Matt with sanding wool and degrease
Stainless steel: Degrease
Polyester laminates: Degrease, sand with sandpaper 80 – 120 grit and degrease again

For optimum protection, apply the product in two or three coats of 3940 μin and allow each coat to harden at approx. 68°F for 60 minutes with good ventilation.

At the earliest, 60 minutes after the last application at 68°F with good ventilation.Theoretical consumption1 liquid qt. FERTAN body and stone guard is suffi cient for an applied layer thickness of 3940 μin for an area of about 30-42 sq. ft..

Store in dry and cool rooms. Protect from direct sunlight. Protect from ignition and heat sources. Store frost-free. Shelf life min. 2 years at approx. 68°F in its unused, original condition.


FERTAN delivers high-quality solution to help prevent, reduce, or eliminate corrosion since over 40 years

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