Oni Tools Ducati 18-tooth Pulley Camshaft / Layshaft Small Socket Tool

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Oni Tools Ducati 18-Tooth Pulley Camshaft/Layshaft Small Socket Kit: Elevate Your Engine Maintenance

Upgrade your Ducati toolkit with precision and reliability using Oni Tools' specialized 18-tooth Pulley Camshaft/Layshaft Small Socket Kit. This essential tool is custom-designed for various Ducati models, including 749 R/S, 748, 848, 850, 996R, 996, 998 S/RS/R, and 999 R/RS/S, spanning model years from 2001 to 2011.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Compatibility: Fits Ducati models: 749 R/S, 748 (2003-2006), 848, 850 (2008-2011), 996R, 996 (2001), 998 S/RS/R, 998 (2002-2004), 999 R/RS/S, 998 (2003-2007).

  • Functional Design: Specifically crafted to undo and tighten the ring nut on the timing layshaft.

  • Multi-Purpose Usage: Essential for the disassembly/assembly of cam belts and layshaft gears.

  • User-Friendly 1/2" Square Hole: Equipped with a 1/2" square hole compatible with standard ratchets or torque wrenches.

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Structure: Machined with precision and finished with corrosion-resistant powder coating for long-lasting, reliable performance.

Crafted for Excellence:

Oni Tools is synonymous with quality, and our Ducati Layshaft Timing Pulley Socket Kit is a testament to our commitment to top-of-the-line manufacturing.

Why Choose Oni Tools?

  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality checks ensure a tool that exceeds industry standards.

  • Long-Term Reliability: Heavy-duty steel construction guarantees durability for consistent, reliable performance.

  • Continuous Support: Oni Tools stands behind its products, offering unwavering support throughout your ownership.

Elevate Your Toolkit with Oni Tools:

Invest in the precision, durability, and reliability of the Oni Tools 18-Tooth Pulley Camshaft/Layshaft Small Socket Kit. Upgrade your Ducati maintenance experience with tools crafted for excellence

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